Joshua Kissi's Moody Brooklyn Apartment

I remember seeing Joshua's apartment for the first time about a year ago when Apartment Therapy published his tour and how I initally reacted seeing such a dope small space. Fast forward to today, and that reaction still remains. Brothers and Craft recently did a piece on the photographer and co-founder of Street Etiquette, and when I clicked on the link, it was as if I had never seen his place before. It made me so very excited. At only 800 square feet, this apartment has all of my favorite features - exposed brick, original wood flooring, that beautiful mantle, and those bare windows to allow for an abundance of natural light to pour in. It's such a beautiful space - from the artwork on the walls to his plants, it's truly a place I wouldn't mind kicking my feet up in and having cocktails with close friends.
There's just something about a man who takes pride in the appearance of his home, and treats it more than just a place to sleep and shower. There was love and thought put into this space, and that makes me adore it even more. He has a calming aesthetic, but it doesn't lack personality or character, and he's surrounded by all the things he loves. A+ in my book.

Photos via Brothers and Crafts. See more of Joshua's apartment photos over at Apartment Therapy.

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