Designer Aurora James: Quotes on Feeling Safe

"I feel most comfortable at home. More and more this year, especially since the election, I have felt like New York is a very hard place. This season took a toll on a lot of us. I have a tremendous desire to just be home and be safe and be comfortable. I hope this feeling passes and I am excited to be out here in this world again soon. For now, I will be here with my dog, Cupid, and my plants." - Aurora James, Creative Director, Brother Vellies  (quote via Man Repeller)

Aurora James is known for her cool, eccentric style and love for all things furry, but she's much more than that. She's an artist. Shoes and handbags are considered art, you know? She is the creative director of Brother Vellies, and her designs are as thoughtful and meaningful as she intends for them to be. Get to know Aurora - that is, if you don't know already know of her magic.
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Aurora and The Man Repeller

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