Sage Living With Writer and Creative Director Anne Sage

I found Anne's blog by way of another website that I visit periodically, but never got around to really exploring it the way I wanted to. Back track to a couple months ago: I was in Homegoods (of course, because where else do I spend the bulk of my free time?), and as I was browsing the aisles searching for hidden treasures, I came across a book titled Sage Living: Decorating For The Life You Want. Since it was a book about home styling, it immediately made my ears perk up, so I picked it up, skimmed through a few pages to see if it was worth buying, and decided that she needed to come home with me.

The book centers around some inspiring people who decorated for the life they wanted, rather than the life they have, but it was Anne Sage's divorce that planted the seed for the book to become a thing in the first place. She had never lived alone. Ever. She went from living with her parents, to having a roommate, to getting married and starting a life with her new husband. The divorce caused her to go through a lot of uncomfortable situations that she'd never had to experience - looking for her own apartment, signing her first lease as a single woman, living alone - without family, without friends, without a husband.

"I arrived in Los Angeles from San Francisco having walked away from an ailing marriage and from the business into which I'd poured both my heart and my finances. I brought with me one suitcase, six grocery sacks, and a handwritten list of five goals. At the top of that list was the very journey upon which I had just embarked: live by myself for at least one year. As I carried my bags up the stairs and into the unknown, I felt trepidation but also an overwhelming need to prove I could in fact survive alone. Because truth be told, I didn't believe myself the least bit capable of doing so." - Excerpt from her book, Sage Living
Anne has finally found her groove, and since living alone, has focused a lot on self-reflection, and creating a home of meaning and intention. She is now engaged, and continues to live by this motto. Check out their most recent home tour with Design Sponge. They have since moved into a bigger home, but we'll just enjoy this tour until she shares photos of their new pad! I'm obsessed with a good  home tour. Can you tell?

Wanna know the crazy part about all of this? It wasn't until yesterday while listening to a podcast she did with Jessica Murnane (which I really enjoyed, by the way - check it out!), that I realized the person who wrote this super cool and inspiring book I had picked up from Homegoods was the same person who owned the blog that I had recently bookmarked. I'm not sure why it didn't connect until now, but what an awesome coincidence.

Photos via The Brite Stuff, Anne SageWood Note Photography

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