Lizzy & Darlene Okpo on Making Time For Yourself

Sisters Lizzy and Darlene Okpo of William Okpo break it down in an interview with Waiting for Saturday (such a cute blog name) about why Saturdays are so important to them, and how making time for yourself is a must.

"Saturday is the one day of the week where we really fight for time. You have to pay me a lot to lose a Saturday. My dream Saturday includes waking up at 9am and having music play all day. There was a time when I felt like I was losing my mind - for about two and a half months - when I was working all the time, I was with people every single day. I realized at that point that I can't completely give up my free time. I need to listen to Bossa Nova, to Kate Bush, to run around naked in this apartment singing Kate Bush." - Lizzy Okpo

"Saturday is just a breath of fresh air. You know what I did last Saturday? I sat on the couch and watched Straight Outta Compton, True Story, and The Avengers. I like my time! A great Saturday could also include an Ikea run." - Darlene Okpo

Taking time out for yourself is something that I will always be an advocate for.

Photos via Racked, Jean Stories

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