Four Simple Recipes I Want to Try

I can't believe that I'm up at 2:50am, browsing the internet, favoriting recipes. I realized something; there are a few simple dishes that I have always wanted to learn how to cook, but have yet to try. Well, with the exception of pico de gallo. I didn't want to make pico until just recently after tasting a  friend's. It was the most mouth-watering, delicious pico de gallo I'd ever had, which is surprising since I technically do not like raw onions. He does have an advantage since he's a chef, but it still made me want to try my hand at it so I could have some whenever my tastebuds called for it.

Below are four quick and easy recipes that I have on my list to prepare.

Pico de Gallo recipe by The Girl Who Ate Everything

Skinny Taste's Turkey Stuffed Peppers recipe (image via The Food Network)

My mouth is watering just thinking about this dressing. Recipe on Chow Hound

The Kitchen Below Canal's Guacamole recipe

Photos via Kitchen Below Canal, The Food Network, Chowhound

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