Franca Sozzani, one of the most respected and powerful journalists in the fashion industry, died today at the age of 66.  She served as Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia for 28 years, and Anna Wintour's right-hand gal pal and friend for 30 years. Earlier today, Anna Wintour reflected on her friendship with Franca, on Vogue's website.
"Franca and I began our careers as editors in chief around the same time, but that didn't automatically admit us to some exclusive club where all Vogue editors are BFF's; in fact, I think for the first few years, we just circled each other, quietly. Gradually, however, show by show and season by season, Franca and I found ourselves falling into a friendship that I am so happy and honored to say sustained itself for 30 years. That's one thing that Franca taught me about friendship: Sometimes, you really have to earn it."

Photo credit via Vogue and Sleek
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