Guided Meditation: Cultivating Patience

This evening after my shower, I opened up my Calm app and practiced a 10-minute guided meditation. Today's meditation was about cultivating patience. Life demands a certain level of patience, and since I have none, you can imagine my daily struggle with pretty much everything.
Meditating and practicing patience go hand in hand because you are forcing your mind and body to be still, to be present. There's no rushing through it, and there's no manipulating the process.

"Patience is one of the foundations of a calm, peaceful mind. It means learning to let go of things you can't control, looking at things from a higher perspective, and learning to accept things as they are, and not what you want them to be. Patience is the ability to abide with things the way they are. It allows you to tolerate failure, disappointment, defeat, unpleasantness, and confusion without giving up - both on the meditation cushion and in life. Deliberately placing attention on patience gives you the energy to cultivate patience." - Phillip Moffitt

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Photo via Very Well

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