Interiors: Holly Hipwell's Happy Home Office

I have a genuine admiration for anyone who is self-taught in their craft and are able to turn their passion into a paycheck. It takes a lot of consistency, hard work and dedication to be able to actually make a living doing something that you love, but to say you were self-taught is a bragging right all its own. Florist and event designer Holly Hipwell is a "regular degular shmegular" girl from the Northern Beaches of Syndey, Australia who is known for her fun aestethic and love for all things colorful and beautiful.

She teamed up with Brendan Nash, a home stylist from West Elm, to give her home office a delightful revamp, and photographer Jacqui Turk captured all of the happiness and good vibes of her lovely home office perfectly!

Photos via The Flower Drum.

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