Ohio is one of the states that allows you to vote early, and I'm really glad I decided to take advantage of it. Today's voting hours were from 1p-5p, so I headed to the location 40 minutes ahead of time, thinking I was getting there "early." I pulled up and was in complete shock to see how long the line was. This was my first time voting in Ohio, so I didn't know what to expect, but something told me that it was going to be a zoo, and it was. I became a little intimidated by how long the line was, but decided to just wait it out as long as I could, and I'm really glad I did. Once the doors opened, the line moved pretty quickly. I was back in my car at 1:45pm, and was able to enjoy the rest of my day.
I left the voting location feeling a sense of fulfillment. I hope that everyone will be voting this Tuesday! Please exercise your right.

Let the countdown begin.