Currently Feeling: Banks's 'Fuck With Myself'

I first heard about Banks some years ago, but never listened to her music until last week. This girl is dope, and I love her voice. Part of me loves discovering artists a few years after their debut, for the sole purpose of binge-listening all of their albums once I finally do board the bandwagon.

Her new album, titled The Altar, was released September 30th, and in an interview with The Guardian, she says she decided to name it that because music is the most sacred, holy thing she has in her life. She also chose the name because she was inspired by a dilapidated altar that she drove past one day, and although it looked run down and abandoned, it still looked really sacred to her.

Some of the musical influences who inspired her to start writing at an early age include Lauryn Hill and Fiona Apple. I love this tidbit of information because the first thing I noticed when I listened to her music, were the actual lyrics.

I really love her delivery in this song. It's so perfect. Definitely a favorite from the new album.

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