Dear Summer: 'Til We Meet Again...

This is going to sound ridiculous (or maybe not), but I already miss Summer. I don't transition well with the changing of the seasons. Going into Fall is confusing because it's super chilly in the mornings, but by late afternoon, you're peeling off layers of clothing. I miss the little effort that it took to get dressed and since Summer is my favorite season, I'm totally being a brat about having to break out my turtlenecks, socks, and scarves. It takes a minute to adjust.

While most people love Fall because of the Pumpkin Spice takeover (I don't get the hype - sorry, guys), I enjoy the aesthetic, the turning of the leaves - oh, and the opportunity to throw on a pair of nice boots.
Whenever there's an opportunity to take a picture of some beautiful scenery, I try to make it happen. I had an offsite training session today, and on the way to my car, snapped these photos. They remind me just how beautiful this time of year is.

Fall is tolerable. If you really want to hear me complain, just wait until Winter.

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