Serving Up Beauty From The Inside Out: Meet Wellness Guru & Chef Sophia Roe

You know those rare moments when you're browsing social media and randomly stumble upon someone so captivating that you just have to scroll 92+ weeks back through their Instagram feed? No? Just me? Well, if you've ever run across Sophia Roe's account, you just might be tempted to. She's sort of a best kept secret because I feel that not enough people know about her, but her social media presence is definitely influential, and her following is growing by the day. Outer beauty aside, her Instagram account is this carefully curated work of art that highlights her inner self in such an amazing way. From her well-written, relatable captions that always have me nodding in agreement and blurting out, "I know, right!!?" - to her candid approach through her 1-minute videos about various topics related to nutrition and wellness, she's truly the perfect person to follow if you want a dose of daily positivity.

Sophia, a Brooklyn, NY girl, is a private chef and wellness expert who lives a vegan / plant-based life, and loves taking trips to her local farmers' markets for fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

And although she's not big on discussing her hair, she is also a favorite in the natural hair community, because how could she not be? She always receives lots of questions about her hair regimes, and every now and then, she'll share her favorite hair products via her Snapchat account (@Sophia_NYC), as well as gives her viewers a small glimpse into her daily life. She's genuinely the most passionate about health and wellness over anything, and isn't afraid to let you know just how much.

Sophia's Instagram serves as part of my daily inspiration, just off the captions alone. I love to check in to see what gems she's dropping that day. The beautifully-curated visuals, the realness and relatability, is simply the icing on the cake.

Look out for her new blog, Brain Beauty Project + YouTube channel.

Image credits: Sophia Roe's Instagram | ZadyMark Johnson

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