Music: Brown Liquor & Quiet Storm Playlists

Brown Liquor is a series of playlists I began creating in August of 2015, and out of all the playlists I've ever curated, these are without question my favorite ones. I recently posted the 3rd installment of the series, and I must say, it is pretty fucking good. I probably had the most fun putting this one together, simply because I thought I had exhausted all of my possibilities with Vol. II (not technically, but you get my drift), but that's the beauty of being that person who loves discovering new "old" music, and just music in general - there is ALWAYS something you've never heard before that you will for sure enjoy. I am still adding to this playlist, but it's already packed with over 170 classic soul records, so there's lots to groove to.
The Quiet Storm playlist was created to serve as a source of nostalgia for my late teenage years. I have vivid memories of being fresh out of high school, just receiving my driver's license, and being able to finally take my mother's car on joy rides. I would always listen to 92.3 in Detroit. That's where they played all the r&b slow jams after 10pm, and it was then that I really fell in love with old school R&B from the 70s and 80s. I call this "feel good" music. There's no other music that I would rather listen to.

Of course, you need a Spotify account to listen to these playlists. I mean, it is 2016. If you don't at least have a Spotify account to stream music, then where exactly on the internet are you hanging out? There's always Apple Music, but then you wouldn't be able to enjoy all these lovely playlists I've created for you, so go on and create an account if you haven't already.

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