Interior Rewind: Lo Bosworth's Charming NYC Apartment

You may remember Lo Bosworth from MTV's Laguna Beach and The Hills (I was so obsessed with The Hills!), but nowadays, she's running her own lifestyle blog, The Lo Down. She had her quaint one-bedroom New York apartment decorated by Homepolish designer Justin DePiero in 2015, but I learned shortly after, that she was only in this place for a few months before she decided to move in with her boyfriend. Personally, it would have been very difficult for me to part ways with this gorgeous apartment. Like, can we discuss those gorgeous dark chocolate brick walls and the abundance of natural light that flows in through her windows?

In typical New York Fashion, her old apartment was very small, with an even smaller kitchen area (the kitchen was actually in the hallway), but it sort of worked for her since she lived alone. I think the kitchen space is beautiful, and Justin did a great job of maximizing such a small area of the apartment. I love the white cabinets, the white brick walls, and her marble countertops.

Images via HomePolish, Photography by Claire Esparros

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