Interior Inspiration: Karlie Kahl's Cozy Home Vibes in Denver, Colorado

Everyday, I'm discovering new blogs to obsess over, and today, it's Urban Outfitter's. I found these images of Karlie Kahl's lovely 125 year-old Denver home, and instantly felt all warm and fuzzy on the inside. So light, airy, and cozy, and so much character. Karlie's decor style is a mix between minimalist Scandanavian and mid-century mod. She loves to fill her home with lots of plants, but also prefers clean lines and minimal furniture.

I love a home that actually looks lived in, and Karlie has definitely achieved that look. It's filled with things that fit her style and vibe. It just looks personal and authentic to her true self. Staging is nice, but there's a such thing as over-staging to the point that either it doesn't feel homey, or it feels completely sterile. 

Images via UO by Samantha Keller

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