Happy 44th Birthday to the Beautiful Tracee Ellis Ross!

My favorite Girlfriend is celebrating a birthday today! Tracee is a true renaissance woman. She's talented, worldly, sophisticated, insightful, funny, classy, inspiring, goofy, cosmopolitan, fashionably iconic, down to earth, and beautiful, inside and out. I have been shamelessly obsessed with her since the series Girlfriends premiered on TV in 2000 (I still feel a way about the show not receiving a proper ending), and to this day, she continues to inspire me.

Here's to many more, Tracee! Now to figure out who I need to talk to in order to get a reboot of Girlfriends, because she deserves to finally get her wedding, and dammit, we deserve to witness it. I'm not giving up hope here. If the Girlmore Girls can get a mini-reboot, then surely, we can get some camera time for Joan, Lynn, Maya, and Toni.

Image credit: Kate T. Parker

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