Fashion Designer Laina Rauma: Quotes on Being a Creative, and Being Deserving

"All I want to do is write. I love making clothes. But I feel like my creativeness is shifting a little bit, or needs more. I understand creative people who want to do everything. It's like a drug. Creative expression is addicting when it's true and natural."

"The other day, I was driving and I asked myself out loud, "Laina, why are you so afraid of getting everything you've ever wanted?" Because getting it means you can lose it, and maybe I don't deserve to keep it, but I do. And then I sobbed like a baby all the way to the gym, and then had a good ass workout. Acknowledgment is the first step. I'm in a great period of my life where I cry a lot. I'm releasing a lot of shit. I feel like a lot of us are doing this. It's great."

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