At Home: Josh's Adorable Thrifty-Inspired Loft in Washington, D.C.

I am always so inspired by how other people decorate their homes, but I REALLY love to see the creativity one has when it comes to decorating smaller sized spaces, especially since I live in a small space myself. When I originally saw photo snippets of my friend Josh's new apartment, I couldn't wait to see more, so I bugged him for photo updates as much as I could without becoming a nuisance. 

At just 600 square feet, this loft-style apartment is packed with an abundance of natural light, charm, and character, and when you have that, who the hell needs more square footage? I love how he's transformed this place. It's so welcoming and cozy, and he's definitely surrounded by all of his favorite things, like that growing vinyl record collection that I got my eye on. 
Josh writes, "I live in a newly renovated warehouse in Washington, DC. My space is inherently very industrial, with high ceilings, exposed brick and piping, and concrete floors, which I love. So I decided to try and soften the space with my color palette while still staying true to the origin of the building, and on a budget! Everything is largely thrifted (frames on the living room wall, lamps, my side table), hand-me-downs that I DIY'd (Tiffany Blue storage piece, the old trunk turned coffee table), or hacked IKEA (my television unit that I turned gold)."

"I'm doing a lot with little space, so clean and minimal became very important. I'm still buying, thrifting, and DIY'ing, but it's been a fun journey turning this space into my own."

Thanks for the special peek into your humble domain, Josh!

Image credit: Josh Jenkins

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