A Quick Madlib Moment

I want this space to primarily be about things that inspire me, as well as the celebration of women - how we feel, what we want, what we think, what we do, what we love, but when it's Madlib's birthday, all of that gets thrown out the window just for a second, okay? 
Madlib, whose real name is Otis Jackson Jr., has a certain mystique about him. He's a quiet guy (unless he's drunk - his words, not mine), and so enigmatic and elusive that it's almost frustrating.  He isn't very social on social media, and rarely does interviews. Yet, his presence is everywhere. He has a deep affinity for Sun Ra and jazz music in general, and it shows in his work. I think I first discovered Madlib back in the very early 2000's when he and J. Dilla released the joint album Champion Sound, and performed as the duo Jaylib.

As soon as I discovered him, I began to dig deeper into his music catalog, and it wasn't long after that he became one of my favorite producers / beat makers. When J. Dilla passed away in 2006, there was this void, one that I wasn't expecting anyone else to fill because Dilla was like the hip hop Messiah, but Madlib sort of became that person for me. Never to compare him to Dilla, because they were both great at their craft, but if Dilla is considered the John Coltrane of beats, then Madlib is easily Thelonious Monk.

Happy 43rd birthday, you brilliant, mad scientist. Here's to 43+ more.

Image credit: Rappcats + Parklife 

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