Happy Friday! This may have been a short work week, but it all feels the same when you're just ready for Friday to get here. If you know me, then you know that I love drinking wine, and if you DON'T know me, then HELLO. I love drinking wine. Especially on Friday. 
 It's my go-to alcoholic beverage over pretty much everything. I don't discriminate against the occasional Martini or stiff drink when the mood calls for it, but wine has never steered me wrong. Well, maybe a few times. But I love it just the same. 

One of the few places I love picking up a good, inexpensive wine is Trader Joe's. They have such a nice selection of inexpensives that I find myself there every other week buying a couple bottles to refill my small wine rack. Purple Moon's Chardonnay is one of my favorites from there, and for only $4.99, it wouldn't hurt to give this one a try.