Let's Talk Makeup: My Favorite Products!

Although I technically started wearing lipstick and eyeliner in middle school (which was in the 80s, by the way; it's just what we did), I began taking my love for makeup a little more seriously in the early 2000s. If I can recall, my first official tube of lipstick was MAC's Cyber. It was a really popular color in the late 90s. I just loved how deep and rich the color was, and how pretty it looked on chocolate girls. From then on, I slowly started to purchase more products, still not really knowing what I was doing; however, it was just something I enjoyed playing around with. Over the years, as my personal style evolved, I sort of developed a makeup routine that worked for me.

My routine is pretty basic. I don't really wear eyeshadow, or do any heavy contouring. As for lashes, I've made attempts to teach myself, and have actually sort of figured out the technique, but I think I need a wee bit more practice. I get really nervous putting anything near my eye, and always end up blinking and totally ruining the process (mascara included). I think false lashes are gorgeous when applied correctly. The type of lashes also plays a major part. I've seen plenty of lash disasters. Less is more, people. 

These days, I have been loving Lancôme's Teint Idole Ultra Foundation. I've tried several foundations, but once I really started learning what my skin likes (still learning), I stopped using the previous ones, especially when I tried this one. I really love how it makes my skin look. The price tag is a bit hefty, but it's worth it. It's full coverage, but it doesn't feel icky on my skin, which I love. I have combination skin, but I'm more on the oily side, so I feel like after a few hours, my face is going to look like an oil slick regardless. For a primer, I use MAC's Prep and Prime. An oldie but goodie. I tend to stick with what works, especially when it comes to beauty products.

I've been totally loving Nars's Creamy Concealer. It's truly the best concealer I've ever tried. HOLY GRAIL. When I'm not using that, I'll grab for my very inexpensive LA Girl Pro Concealer. 

I set my under-eye concealer with Laura Mercier's Translucent Loose Setting Powder, and I really like it. I am almost out, so I want to try a new one.  I'm going to jump on the Airspun bandwagon. It's really affordable and has gotten awesome reviews.

I use MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish to set my face. It's what I've been using since forever. I even love sticking to my same favorite blushes. I've been frequently wearing my go-to's - Sweet as Cocoa, Love Joy, Love Rush, and Raizin by MAC. For my lips, I don't have a signature color, although part of me feels it might be anything in the dark wine family. I tend to gravitate to those colors the most. 

Mascaras and highlighters are my favorite part of wearing makeup, and I'll try any brand - high-end or low! I personally think the drugstore has some of the best mascaras, but lately, I've been wearing Le Volume De Chanel by Chanel. It was a gift from my former boss, and I have not worn anything else since she gave it to me. It is so good. SO good. 

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