Image credit: Ameriie

I have been following singer Ameriie's career ever since her All I Have album hit the streets in 2002, long before she added that unnecessary second "i" to her name. She may be famous for her music, but did you know that she's now a beauty & lifestyle blogger with a personal youtube channel? I will admit, I was a tad confused when I initially found out what appeared to be her trading in her music career to focus on becoming a writer and lifestyle blogger. Yes, you can do both (many celebrities have blogs in this day and age), and although she'd just released an EP earlier this year, it seemed as if she'd put music on the back burner indefinitely. This is the same girl who gave us that ridiculously good Touch album. Still one of my favorite albums!

Image credit: Ameriie

Although I do wish she'd give us another Rich Harrison-produced album (I can dream, ok?), I am totally here for her new ventures! Her blog is a mix of beauty, personal style, and her love for books. She's a voracious reader who enjoys discussing literature with her followers, and was looking for a way to be able to talk about her favorite books with other book lovers, which is where creating her YouTube channel came into play. She'll be releasing a villain anthology that will be published by Bloomsbury next summer. Much success to Ameriie! She really seems to have a true knack for this author/blogger/social media influencer thing. Good for her for following her passions!

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