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Beef Lasagna with Spinach: It May Not Be Pretty, But it Tastes Good

I love photographing food. It's one of those things that, when done right, is one of my favorite subjects to take pictures of. I also love for food to not only taste good, but to look pretty. However, I will be the first one to say that my lasagna doesn't really look so pretty in this photo. But it's been a while since I cooked it. Give me a break. Or maybe you do think it looks pretty, and if so, thank you. 

On Sunday, I had the taste for something filling and hearty, and since I hadn't prepared lasagna in years, I decided I'd give it another shot. I've only cooked it a handful of times, so I had completely forgotten 1) how expensive it is to prepare this stuff, and 2) how time-consuming it could be. I'm going to assume you all know how to cook lasagna, right? So, there's no need to actually give you a recipe, right? Okay cool. Now, in the past, I don't ever recall using an egg to mix with my ricotta cheese, so Sunday, as I was looking through recipes on Pinterest and Google, and seeing how every one of these recipes required an egg, I felt completely mind-blown. I had been doing it incorrectly this whole time! How did I not know this? Why was I not notified? 

The lasagna turned out really good, but to be honest, this is one dish that I don't need to eat often. It's so heavy on my stomach, and the first day I cooked it, I took the most aggressive nap afterwards. I am not a napper, so this food really did its job of making me extremely drowsy, and I could no longer fight it. Plus, It's a dish I get tired of very quickly, so I won't be making this again any time soon. I've literally been eating lasagna for four days, and I'm over it. You were good while you lasted, my beloved lasagna. See you in two years. 

Ingredients I used: ground beef, lasagna noodles, a pinch of sugar (yes, you read that right), spinach, mozarella cheese, ricotta cheese, two eggs, onions, oregano, and all of his fellow cousins, a.k.a. the rest of the spices that you would normally use in a dish like this. I didn't really follow a recipe. Instead, I bothered one of my girlfriends back home via text message for guidance.

Tomorrow, I am making something that I made a few times last year, and it's another one of those hearty meals that you can eat off of for a few days - Sausage, spinach, and potato soup. So good! Check out the recipe here

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