Artists You Need To Know: MNDSGN

So listen, you know how much I love music, right? Well, I needed to make sure I did my good deed before the day was over and tell you about MNDSGN, just in case you aren't familiar. MNDSGN (short for Mind Design, but born Ringgo Ancheta), is a member of the Stones Throw family, and he  just released his sophomore album Body Wash this past Friday.

 I am a big fan of pretty much anything that is released on Stones Throw's label, but for some reason, I never bothered to listen to this guy before. To make a long story short, Body Wash is such a dope body (all pun intended) of work. I'm screaming internally as I type this because I love this album that much. It's rare to be able to enjoy an album from start to finish these days, so discovering him and listening to his album has been a breath of fresh air. I've literally been playing it all weekend.
Look, I know we're in the era where everything is a vibe. Like, the word is heavily used to describe pretty much anything, but this? This is a fucking VIBE. 

You're welcome. 
Image credit: The Hundreds

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