I first learned about House of Intuition's candles when one of my favorite content creators, Rachel Nguyen of That's Chic, featured one of them in her New Year, New Me Reset video. I became intrigued by the idea of an intention candle, and decided that I wanted to purchase a couple for myself. When I went to their website to read more about their products, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many different themes within their candle selection. Their Magic Candle collection is what I was most interested in because each candle is unique to a specific purpose/focus in your life. But, what's truly special about these candles is that when you finish burning them, there are actual crystals at the bottom. So far, I've purchased four - Abundance, Positivity, Balance, and Success, but there's quite a few more that I would love to have (all of them, honestly). Once the candles completely burn out, you can use the jar to display your incense, or simply have the jars visible as part of your decor to remind you of your intentions.
If you live in Cali near the Echo Park, West Hollywood, or Highland Park areas, you must check this place out if this is your kind of vibe. Or, you can just browse and shop from your cozy couch like I did.