Photo: Linda Derschang's apartment tour, Apartment Therapy

Inspiration. It comes in all forms, and usually at the most random times. It's currently 2am and I decided to roll over, turn on my bedside lamp, grab my laptop, and write this blog post because I need to quickly chat about Linda Derschang's home before my eyelids get even more heavy.
I love admiring the homes of super cool people whose style is worth envying, and Linda Derschang's Seattle condo is no exception. I've literally been lusting, bookmarking, and drooling over photos of her home for about two weeks, but over these past couple days, the way in which her home has inspired me has kicked into overdrive. Whenever Apartment Therapy posts an apartment tour I connect with, I say, "Oh, this is the one. This is my favorite tour to date." But then they go and post an even more amazing tour, and I'm all, "No, THIS is it!"
Linda is the CEO and founder of a mix of bars, cafes, and restaurants in Seattle, all under the umbrella of her company, The Derschang Group. She's not only business savvy, but she has impeccable taste, and her home is a pure and honest reflection of that. She describes her style as "low key eclectic with a little 70s glam." Spot on.

Photo: Linda Derschang's apartment tour, Apartment Therapy

Some of my favorite elements of her home include the lamps - so many gorgeous lamps and light fixtures. She's not afraid to mix metals, and everything seems to flow so effortlessly. I love the Scoop Table Lamp from West Elm (photo up top). That particular room might be my favorite. The Andy Warhol print, the beautiful dark chest, the oversized wall painting - it all truly speaks to me on a spiritual level. I know I'm being a bit dramatic here (or am I?), but that's really the feeling I get when I lay my eyes on a beautifully decorated space.
In addition, the bookshelf. THE BOOKSHELF. The touch of sunflower vibes throughout the condo brings so much happy to the place. And of course, the plants. Such a stunning, immaculate home that still manages to look lived in and loved. To see the full apartment tour, click here. Like, now.
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