"I'm alone but I'm not lonely/comfortably indulging/and trying to get to know me/I'm just an outline of what I used to be/constantly evolving/steadily evolving/I'm confidently lost/I don't need you to find me/You don't define me/I'm confidently lost/I don't need you to find me/'cause I'm not hiding anything, anything/Made up of hope and meditation/love, imagination water my creations/Baby it's amazing/all that days I'm facing/nothing seems to phase me..."

I know this isn't Music Monday (which I've been failing at miserably, by the way; never should have put those expectations on myself gaaaah), but I have a new artist to share with you. Her name is Sabrina Claudio, and her new 7-track EP 'Confidently Lost' is the perfect moody soundtrack for those days when you just want to saunter sexily around your apartment and pretend you're in a music video (or perhaps that's just my thing). When I first listened to Confidently Lost, the lyrics really resonated with me. Pieces of it sort of describes where I am in my own life, currently, which is why the song is so damn beautiful to me. The visuals for the song are even more beautiful.

'Confidently Lost' is available on all streaming outlets. Get you some.