While at Whole Foods searching for a particular body oil I wanted to purchase (unfortunately, the location closest to my apartment didn't have it), I stumbled upon another skincare line that caught my eye. I really love Whole Foods's skincare section. It's like a toy store for adults. I literally want to buy every damn thing.

Skin Food is a local organic skincare line based right out of Vandalia, OH, a suburb of Dayton. I picked up a jar of her Creamy Vanilla Hazelnut Body Butter (oh my goodness - so creamy, and the smell is out of this world), and her unscented deodorant. I simply wanted to try the deodorant to see what the fuss of using natural deodorant was all about. I highly doubt I'll stop buying Dove, but I was willing to test this one out anyway.

Skin Food carries a complete line of skincare, bath, and body products. Her 5-star rating on Etsy is very telling, and although I try not to let customer reviews influence my decision to purchase a product, I think it is important to read the reviews and check the ratings when you're interested in buying new items. I always pull out my phone in the store and hop on Google before making my decision.

You can pick up Aubrey's Skin Food line at Whole Foods, or you can buy her products right from her Etsy shop!