"Try. Take risks this year. Allow every stumble and every struggle to inspire your growth. Welcome failure as an addition to your armor. Know that whatever doesn't take your life only sharpens your sword. Love yourself. Respect yourself. Make your solitude a sanctuary.  Don't compare your journey to another. Enjoy your own journey and take it wherever you want it to go. Nobody can stop you. You can do it. Try."

I felt compelled to share this beautiful quote from one of my favorite human beings on social media. I've been following Kid Fury on Twitter and YouTube for over five years, and I've witnessed the evolution of this young man. Kid Fury has brought so much laughter and joy into so many people's lives and has done amazing things over these past few years. I'm pretty sure part of his success comes from knowing who he is, and being just that, unapologetically. That's pretty fucking admirable.

Live your best life, on your terms. Your life, your pace, your way. Fuck fear.

Photo credit: Bevel Code
Kid Fury's podcast: The Read