I first discovered Danielle Humayun via her youtube channel Dani's Dish. I was immediately drawn to her content because her aesthetic is simplistic and timeless, and I loved the way she edited her vlogs. Plus, I fell in love with her adorable Toronto condo. Her style is consistent across her social media platforms, and if it's one thing I love, it's consistency, especially if you're trying to take your brand seriously.

Elle & Mane is her handmade, natural product line, and since self-care and well-being are two things I love writing about, it's only fitting that I show some love to her line. All of her products are made in small batches, right in her tiny kitchen in Toronto, and I love that they are affordably priced, plus such beautiful packaging and presentation. Her brand is as simplistic and timeless as she is, focusing on what's important. No fluff. No fuss.

You can follow Dani on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and her blog, and make sure to check out her natural skincare line Elle & Mane.