When I created this blog, I wanted it to be a place where I could write about the people, places, and things that inspire me - from interior design/decor, to beauty and wellness/well-being, to food/wine and photography, to music, and everything in between. My love for certain things run a little more deep in some areas than others - for instance, I love makeup and beauty products, but I wouldn't consider myself an enthusiast in this area. I will definitely share new products and rave about my favorite ones, but I just know what works for me (and sometimes, I'm still unsure of that). Luckily, I know someone who is. Meet Samara, my dear friend of over 10 years. She lives and breathes all things beauty and wellness, so I felt it was only right to shine the spotlight on her, and provide her a platform to share her knowledge.

More on Samara:

"A proud Detroiter, Samara currently lives in New Jersey, just outside of New York. She moved to the east coast a few years ago to pursue her singing and acting career. A true lover of all things beauty, she decided to pursue formal training at Aveda Institute, and in 2011, she obtained her esthetician license. She also has a true passion for wellness, from the inside out, and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences to educate people on skincare, products, their ingredients, and healthy alternatives. One of her favorite quotes is "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

Check back in the near future for upcoming beauty and wellness updates from Samara.